Horses and Carts

Every Sunday, the town of Farafenni has a luumo. A luumo is a weekly market where sellers from all over come to sell fruits, vegetables, fish, pottery, tools, fabric, clothes, and many other… Continue reading

O Canada

On a trip to Vancouver, Canada in 2011, I stumbled on a field and at the distance, there was a flagpole with the Canadian flag blowing in the breeze.  After taking the picture,… Continue reading

Mariama and Isatou

This is Mariama and her baby daughter Isatou.  Mariama lives in the compound next to me and is the mother of 5 children.  In the Gambia, it’s not uncommon for women to have… Continue reading

Taking a Test

For 5 days, 29 Peace Corps The Gambia volunteers and 17 Gambians biked to 4 schools and taught upper basic school students (e.g. grade 8 and 9 students) about HIV and AIDS, and… Continue reading

Butcher Shop

This photo was taken a few weeks ago as I was walking around the streets of Farafenni in The Gambia.  One of my friends noticed this great shot of a women just standing… Continue reading

Lazy Afternoons

Janjanbureh (located on MacCarthy Island), The Gambia, West Africa

Snow and Ice

Back in 2010, a friend called me up and randomly asked, “Do you want to go to Antarctica?”  My response: “Hell yeah.”  And so in December of 2010, we flew to the tip… Continue reading